Saturday, June 14, 2008

Out and about.

After many months 4464 has seen the light of day again.

With the side panelling still to be bolted up the opportunity to conduct the necessary engine timing and inspection works in unusual daylight conditions was too tempting to resist so the old girl was dragged out for a day in the sunshine(?)

In the last week our friends at GTSA have got the turbo back in place, bolted up and the exhaust bellows connected - thanks guys, thanks Murray.

The boys have also been busy with the compressor aligned, shimmed and doweled...

...and only the fast coupling to connect.

In prpearation for the turning of the first "puff" new batteries have been ordered. At $1050.00 each (x8) its not a cheap but smart exercise.

Putting them in isnt that easy either but with experieced hands involved and some friendly oldmate assistance the job becomes much easier.

The batteries are in, time to get them connected and topped up.

A final top up and the batts are good to go!

An obviously important part of the loco restoration is the engine works. Ensuring everything is in order means that everything has to be inspected.

While you can see some things from the outside there is only one proper way to make ensure everything is in order.

External visual inspections and mirrors to view up inside are good...

...but to be thorough you have to get amongst the "gear"

How do the fitters keep their hair so shiney and black??

With all confirmed Ok the real fitter goes about "boxing" up the bottom end.

A twist...

...and a tap, job done.

Meanwhile at the top end the timing of the engine commences with much barring, cursing and satisfaction ensuing.

The apprentice and master?