Friday, May 9, 2008

Getting down to business.

With restoration of the "outside" underway, works have commenced on examaning the Alco 251 prime mover to ensure all is well in the engine room.

Covers, rockers and injectors were stripped.....

...and heads lifted to check pistons and liners.

Looking good!

Preparations to line up the new conpressor have also been commenced.

Several components have been removed for overhaul and here we see the auxillary generator being lifted back for fitting.

With the aux gen back in place the real fitter returns to tune the engine...

...while others attend to changing the oil.

Diesel engines use injectors to put the fuel into the cylinder. Here we see another overhauled "rocket" being replaced.

Another Eveleigh overhaul begins.

Once at Eveleigh a stocktake of 4464's "bits" was conducted to ensure everything was ready for reassembly. Much of the side stripping is cut specifically to fit a location so the jig saw of parts was sorted.

Not all the bits were easy to identify, does anyone know where this fits??

Mounting strips holes were cleaned ready for bolts....

...and the remaining damaged sections removed for rust removal.

With the door frame off repairs to the frames could be completed....

...and the door sanded back for a smooth finish.

Yennora works

4464 was purchased by the Lachlan Alco Locomotive Group at the 1994 Cardiff loco auction. After initial storage and restoration efforts at Cowra, 4464 was transferred to Sydney to facilitate easier access and completion of works by the groups metropolitan based working members. 4464 was stored at the former Yennora wool stores, now CRT facility. This area was originally constructed by the New South Railways to be the new carriage workshops.

Upon arrival at Yennora much of the side panelling and stripping was removed to eliminate rust in the body framing.

Replacement of mounting strips and side panels commenced...

...and sanding of the cabs and fixed panels completed in preparation for priming.

The decision was made to relocate 4464 to Eveleigh to better enable mechanical works to be completed so oldmates were recruited to ensure the loco was air tight and fit to run.

Suspension bearings, gear cases, axle boxs and dozens of other items were serviced and checked.......

...and then 4464 was towed to Eveleigh by 4918.