Monday, July 6, 2009

A long time between drinks.

While work has continued behind the scenes its been a while since the 4 4 6 4 has been the subject of visual production.
Still keeping company with family members both her junior and senior, the day that they can run together again is getting close.

Col the master eleco is making short work of the spagetti bowl No2 control stand wiring and other tasks.

The fitters especially imported all the way from Lithgow have completed their inspections

and are now reinstalling the missing components.
The overhauled Traction Motor blower is back in place

as is the overhauled turbo.

In the nose the air system is being tidied up

with some expensive and delicate fittings being required.

With the compressor cooler back it is next to be installed.

Watch this space as the progress continues.......